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Hey Duncan, now that the new student AJ's have been appointed I'd like to officially introduce the 2015-2016 Duncan Court.

Chief Justice: David Doucet
Associate Justices: Corin Peterson & Natalie Gow   (2016)
                              Cassy Gibson & Jason Petro    (2017)
                              Evan Flack & Victoria Johnson (2018)
                              Juliana Wu & Kevin Zhang        (2019)
The load balancing service powering our website has been updated and our website is no longer vulnerable to the recently disclosed Heartbleed bug which compromised encrypted traffic across much of the Internet. You can read more about the bug here.

The Duncan Court for the 2014-2015 year has been appointed!

This year we will have a full court representative of each matriculating year at Duncan College.

The Court:
Chief Justice: 
Kira Clingen

Associate Justices:
Christopher Buck
Chynna Foucek
Catherine Chantre Lima
Corin Peterson
Cassy Gibson
David Doucet 
Congratulations to Josiah Grace, Natalie Gow, and Zia Rosenzweig on being selected as Duncan's O-Week coordinators!
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