Car loan: solution for a car loan project

Cars with a gas engine are cheaper than diesel (even if this gap is narrowing). You will have more choices in the models and the cost of maintenance will be lower. Disadvantage, a gasoline engine releases more unburned hydrocarbon and more carbon gas! Not really ecological … with a more expensive essence at the pump. Weigh the pros and cons …

Vehicles equipped with LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) are less polluting with a cheaper fuel price. There are still few choices of vehicles offering LPG. Advantage, you will benefit from a tax credit. In some departments, the gray cards of these vehicles are exempt.

On cars that are not equipped at the base, a special LPG kit must be installed by approved installers.

Some car parks or tunnels are forbidden (Channel tunnel) because LPG has the reputation of being dangerous. The installation must be approved every 8 years.

  • ABS, indispensable!

    ABS, indispensable!

Antilock braking system, the ABS avoids the blockage of one or more wheels during braking.

  • Manual or automatic gearbox?

    Manual or automatic gearbox?

If you opt for a small displacement, prefer a manual gearbox for more power. The automatic boxes allow a more comfortable driving … for a now equal consumption.

  • The certificate of non-pledge:

    The certificate of non-pledge:

This certificate is useful when buying a used vehicle using a bank loan. It allows you to certify that this vehicle belongs to you personally and not to the credit agency that participated in the financing of the vehicle.
The certificate of non-pledge is issued by the prefecture free of charge.

  • How much does it cost?

    How much does it cost ?

For a family car, you have between $ 8,000 * entry-level and $ 88,000 * for high-end cars.
As a fan of minivan, you will find models from 19 000 $ *.
For a city dweller, count between $ 7,800 * and $ 34,000 *.
Want a coupe cabriolet? You can find from 18 000 $ * and for the most upscale from 52 000 $ *.
If you are convinced by a mini city, count a budget from 8 000 $ *.

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