Motorcycle loan: online credit simulation for two wheels

That’s it, are you ready to start buying your bike?

I organize the purchase of my 2 wheels

I organize the purchase of my 2 wheels

Road, adventurous, rebellious… motorcycles offer different styles with each for a clean world and a lifestyle.

Road Motorcycles: “Road” motorcycles are perfectly suited if you like to go for long walks. Its adherence to the road makes it a safe and comfortable companion. You will find storage, heated grips and ABS.

Trails Motorcycles: “Trails” motorcycles are from raids. Versatile with comfortable suspensions, they are more adapted to large size (over 1m80) and therefore to men. Ladies, if you like big cars, prefer sport bikes that have low seat height and lighter weight. Comfortable enough, the trails are conducive to driving in a duet.

Customs Motorcycles: “Customs” motorcycles are a style in their own right, a state of mind. Tell me who you are, I’ll tell you what custom you need! It’s a bike in your image. Even if the mechanics are not necessarily powerful, the bike is comfortable and adapted to the pleasure of the road and especially the escape.

Roadster Motorcycles: “Roadster” motorcycles are uncluttered. Less protection and less comfort, the roasters are motorcycles of character, raw with a line of their own! In contrast to a road, it is the passion of style that guides.

Sportbikes: “Sporty” motorcycles are perfect for thrills. From the competition, using the latest technologies in the service of performance. Light and fast, they adapt to the curves of the road and the braking pushed. Solitary use par excellence!

Good to know
This is the motorcycle license that must be passed. With a BSR (Road Safety Certificate), you can drive a 50cc if it does not exceed 45km / h. From 16 years old, pass the A1 license which allows to drive engines from 50 to 125 cm3. Know that two years after obtaining your car license, you can drive a 125 cc without having to pass a motorcycle license. Beyond that, you will have to pass a motorcycle license.

A bike, how much does it cost?

A bike, how much does it cost?

It all depends on the cubic capacity and the brand. This list gives you a first idea of ​​budget by motorcycle style:

  • For the road, count between 7 000 and 32 000 $ *.
  • For the trails, count between 7 700 and 12 400 $ *.
  • For customs, count around 9 000 $ *.
  • For roasters, count between $ 6,000 and $ 11,700 *.
  • For sports, count between 12 000 and 17 000 $ *.

Motorcycle brands are numerous… European or Japanese.

Practical advice

Practical advice

The equipment of the biker!

Helmets and gloves are the only mandatory equipment for road safety.

You have the choice between different types of helmet:

  • The jet (or half jet) is a ventilated half-open helmet with a visor that suits the urban environment but with less protection,
  • The integral helmet which is perfect for long journeys on big displacements, for an optimal protection,
  • The modular helmet is in between.

Remember to change your helmet every 5 years or the first shock. Count between 150 $ and 500 $ *.

Clothing: the choice of biker clothing is also very important..

  • Take a leather jacket exclusively for the bike with protections on the shoulders and elbows. For a jacket equipped with motorcycle, count between 150 $ to 500 $ *.
  • Never wear rainwear on the skin because of plastic or nylon, they will melt on the skin in case of a fall.
  • For pants, take the reinforced fabrics or leather specially made to withstand shocks.
  • Prefer boots rather than high shoes to protect your ankles. For leather boots, count between 100 $ and 300 $ *.
  • For gloves: prefer gloves with protections. The ideal is to have protections between each phalanx to avoid broken fingers. Count between 50 $ and 150 $ * the pair.

Good to know:
Remember to keep the bills of your motorcycle clothes. If you have taken equipment insurance, in the event of an accident, they will be reimbursed.

The choice of anti-theft

Check the list of recognized and approved devices for and by your insurance. The only name SRA is not always enough. The list must be specified in your insurance contract. Expect a budget of 40 $ to 150 $ *.

* The prices indicated are the average prices, they are given as an indication.

Posofinca makes your projects more smart

Posofinca makes your projects more smart

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