Private Car Leasing: Is it Worth it? How Much Does it Cost and Installment Calculation

We have already talked, in numerous articles, about leasing in general and, with this in-depth analysis, we want to enter into the merit of leasing for the purchase of cars by private individuals .
Thanks to private car leasing, you can consider an alternative way to purchase a vehicle with which to travel even if you are not the owner.

In fact, car leasing is used in those cases where for various reasons the costs of buying a car cannot be sustained or when it is known that the vehicle will be used for a short time.


Leasing compared rental or car sharing

car rental

It has advantages especially for those who at the end of the period of use could consider the idea of redeeming the car and becoming its owner. Rental and car sharing are excellent options when vehicle use is very limited over time or journeys are short, otherwise you would incur disproportionate costs that could be amortized in other ways. Furthermore, the lease also guarantees the protection of maintenance, even if the specific items must be expressly indicated in the stipulation contract.

Car leasing for private individuals is particularly useful especially in those cases where the prospective buyer cannot bear all the costs of the sale. At the time of signing the contract, the two parties involved (grantor and user) decide the time period and the amount of periodic fees , taking into account the estimated market value at the time of signing and the economic life of the vehicle (which in addition to the value takes car wear and maintenance are also considered). In this regard, it is necessary to underline that the maintenance, the stamp and the policy are included in the periodic fees only if this is expressly indicated in the contract. In these cases we speak therefore of full leasing which must not be taken for granted to avoid finding ourselves with costs that were not foreseen. In fact, if it is not provided for in the contract, the user will be responsible for paying the costs for driving on the road and repairing vehicle faults.

The duration of private car leasing

car leasing

It is variable and usually ranges from 18 months to 72 months; is decided at the time of signing the contract and may be subject to changes only in the terms established by law. The periodicity of the fees can be monthly, bimonthly or quarterly, although other temporal terms can be taken into account depending on the needs of both the grantor and the user.
When choosing a lease, it is important to consider that great attention must be paid to the contractual conditions because often an indicative threshold of the mileage not to be exceeded is indicated. This means that if the mileage included in the contract were to be exceeded, the user could find himself incurring the costs related not only to exceeding kilometers but also for any maintenance that may result. Furthermore, the grantor may reserve the right to have the vehicle’s condition evaluated by an expert to determine if there has been excessive wear and in this case to pay the estimated sum.
At the end of the car lease for private users can decide in agreement with the grantor to redeem the vehicle and become its owner, paying the remaining sum estimated on the current value of the vehicle and on the fees already paid.

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