Good Finance advice before subscribing to a car loan!

The acquisition of a vehicle is often a significant investment that requires reflection. Indeed, several options are available to you concerning the car loan you choose. More exposition at

Before making a decision, it is important to know the terms of the car loan, and to perform simulations with lenders to get the best rate.

Choose an auto loan adapted to your purchase project

Choose an auto loan adapted to your purchase project

When you decide to use a car loan, you must turn to a credit agency or a bank. These professionals study several criteria related to your car purchase project in order to offer you a car loan in line with your needs.

The car loan can finance the purchase of your vehicle: it is an assigned loan, that is to say, the amount can not be greater than the price of your future car. Thus, to justify the amount you ask, you must provide a quote or a price offer, including the nature of the vehicle and its cost.

A car loan is capped at a maximum of 75,000 euros and a period of 6 years for a used car and 7 years for a new car.

You are protected!

Be aware that the car credit can be canceled if the sale of the car does not finally take place, if a delay in delivery is found or if a problem with the vehicle is detected before the conclusion of the sale.

It must be borne in mind that the interest rates of a car loan vary from one organization to another. And that the comparison is often synonymous with real savings on the cost of your loan.

Compare car credit offers before subscribing


It is particularly important to compare the different offers of car loans that will be offered when buying a vehicle. Indeed, the interest rates, the number of monthly payments and therefore the total amount of credit differ according to the financial institutions.

In order to be sure to get the best interest rate and the best repayment terms, it is essential to compare the offers of specialized organizations.

Thus, the best way to find the ideal car credit matching your needs and your financial situation is to compete and therefore compare the offers of car credit before subscribing . To remedy this, Good Finance, a comparison specialist, offers you an auto credit comparator to easily find the best rate for your needs.

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