Duncan College



The majority of students at Duncan live in doubles. Every Duncan double features five rectangular windows. The view, especially during sunrise and sunset, is breathtaking.

Every room is furnished with a full dresser, a desk, and a set of desk drawers. If you require extra space for books or other essentials, there is space in the closet area where there are six shelves for your stuff. If you still need more room or if space is tight between you and your roommate, there is more than enough room for an extra set of shelves or a full-size bookcase.

The beds in all the rooms can be lofted so that you can have even more space to use. They can also be stacked, which enables you and your roommate (if you like them enough) to have bunkbeds! Ask our SMR, Nick, to help with lofting beds. 

Duncan doubles each have their own bathroom, unlike the single suites and most rooms throughout campus.