Duncan College


Laundry Room

The Laundry Room is located on the first floor between the game room and the music room. It contains 10 washing machines, 12 dryers, 10 laundry baskets and a vending machine. All washers are front-loading and contain detergent and bleach dispensers. Washing machines have four settings: hot, perm press warm, warm, and cold. Dryers are also front loading and have four settings: high, medium, low and delicate. All laundry is already paid for through tuition and does not require coins.

Mail Room / College Coordinator's Office

The Mail Room is located on the first floor in the room nearest the Commons. Every on-campus student is assigned a mail box and the mail room is the place for sending and receiving all types of packages and deliveries. 


[Your Name]

1601 Rice BLVD

Houston, TX 77005

It is also home to our amazing college coordinator: Ms. Woods. She is one of the sweetest people on campus and is always there to help.

Game Theory Classroom

The Game Theory Room is located on the first floor between the C Stairwell and the HRF’s House.  Equipped with tables and chairs, the game theory room is a perfect place for help sessions, meetings and college courses. 

Green Room

Sporting a wrap-around couch, two smaller sofas, a home-entertainment system and a large kitchen table, the Duncan Green Room welcomes not just everyone doing homework, but the more laid-back, too.  The table offers a convenient place for small meetings, doing projects, or working on P-sets together, while the sofas provide a welcome place to relax.  Known to some students as "my bed" after a long night of work, the wrap-around sofa is a squishy (and sleep-inducing) surface.  The Green Room is particularly well known for it's Friday-night movie nights (and sometimes Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday as well), where students watch anything from The Matrix to Slumdog Millionaire to anime.  The Green Room gets its name from the forest green walls, a reflection of Duncan's colors: green and gold; and, the giant golden crest on the wall screams Duncan Pride.

Music Room

On Saturday nights, as the clock nears 2 am, the beats in the Music Room don't stop.  Offering students three pianos, a drum set various amps, a large costume chest, and a single, lonely bongo drum, the Music Room is a wonderful place to go to practice, jam, or just hang out.  Located on the first floor, between the Laundry and EMS rooms, this moderately sound-proofed locale offers musicians the peace and "quiet" they need.  Supporting many (if not all) of Duncan's student bands, the Music Room is a wonderful, and nicely carpeted, place to beat that bongo.

Game Room

The favorite room of many-a-Duncaroo, the Game Room supports both civil and contentious air hockey bouts, pool games, table tennis matches, and foosball competitions.  Although it lacks a consistent air conditioning pattern, nevertheless, the Game Room is a favorite after-dinner hangout.  Table tennis matches stretching into the wee hours of the morning, and air hockey pucks flying off the table are an all-too-common sight.  What makes the Game Room truly part of Rice, however, is the giant Rice "R" painted prominently on the East Wall. In addition, the room offers an a movie room and gameday hangout for all three of Duncan's avid football fans.  The three couches grace the north end of the room.  There is also a wall mounted tv great for watching movies, sporting events, or even the Bachelor with friends.