Duncan College

Members of Duncan eat at west servery which is located between Duncan and McMurtry commons. Seating at meals can be found in the commons, outside, and in the connection between Duncan and McMurtry.

Drinks include a variety of soft drinks, tea (iced and hot), hot chocolate, coffee, lemonade, juices, milk, and flavoured waters.

The servery also features a panini maker, waffle maker, toaster, and a microwave. Ice Cream and a variety of cereals are available at all meals.

Typical Breakfasts: eggs, bacon, biscuits, pancakes, french toast, fruit, yogurt, bagels, pastries, muffins, waffles, cereal, orange juice, apple juice, milk, hashbrowns, tater tots, omelettes

Typical Lunches: differing entrees and sides, pizza, and cookies

Typical Dinners: differing entrees and sides, a specialty desert, and burgers

You can find more information about the food and a menu on our Dining page.