Duncan College
Room Reservations

Duncan offers its residents (and groups outside of Duncan) the ability to reserve certain rooms for a period of time. When you reserve a room, you are responsible for leaving the room in the same state as it was when you arrived. If the room is damaged in any way, you will be subject to a fine.

Only the PDR, Library, Green Room TV, and Game Theory Projector are reservable through the Secretaries. To reserve all other spaces (e.g. commons or sundeck), you must present your proposal at Duncan’s weekly Forum. To do that, simply select the room you want on this form. Your request will be sent to the President, and he/she will contact you about presenting.  In order for your request to make the Forum agenda to be reviewed, you must submit your request by the day before forum at 7:00pm.

To reserve a room, fill out the form below. Filling out the form does not mean that you have reserved the room. Your reservation will be confirmed or rejected via email.

Room Reservation Form
In order to request a room, you must be a current Rice student or faculty member.

Request A Room You will be required to log in with your university ID.