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Residential College Governments

Every residential college has its own form of government, created exclusively by its members and adjusted to adapt to its needs. The residential college governments are controlled completely by the students - the university entrusts its students with a huge amount of responsibility and expects that trust will not be abused. The college governments make various important decisions that will affect the everyday life of residents. Each year, the college is given a budget and the students choose how it is used to benefit the college. A few of the duties carried out by the residential college governments include:

  • Enforcing university policies including the housing agreement and alcohol policy
  • Purchasing improvements for the public areas of the college
  • Planning public parties and events
  • Creating and selling college merchandise
  • Maintaining the college's website
  • Determining a policy for Room Jack and Room Draw
  • Holding elections to determine public officials
  • Planning orientation week
Duncan Government: A Brief History

In the early days of Duncan College, we started to have weekly meetings with our ambassadors just to discuss things that we wanted for Duncan and how we wanted to grow and set up our college. It was called Duncan Forum, and it developed from a simple meeting to our own unofficial government. Now that we have an official government, we still decide to stick with the name Forum, because the name reflects the open-nature of the meeting and the discussions that take place within it.

Duncan Government: Overview and Structure

The Duncan Government is organized into several sections: executive committee, committees, representatives, and the court.

The executive committee is a group of students who are directly elected by all members of the college. The executive committee is tasked with overseeing Duncan's government and managing funds.

Committees are groups of students who are appointed by the vice presidents to work together to carry out a government function. Each Duncan committee has a unique focus and all of them do great things that benefit the college. Their duties include planning events, managing the website, and improving facilities.

Representatives are students who are chosen to represent our college to the various other organizations at Rice. Each class also has two representatives at Forum.

The court is a directly elected group of students responsible for communicating and upholding Duncan’s expectations for appropriate student behavior.

You may find this presentation useful: Duncan Government and History

When does Forum occur? Who can attend? What happens?

Forum is held weekly in a specificed location unless otherwise specified by email. All members of Duncan are welcome to attend and voice their opinion but only certain representatives and officials (which you choose) can vote.

At Forum, the president goes through his/her agenda and all college members are free to voice their opinions on important issues affecting the college. If an issue has not been brought up, you will have an opportunity to introduce it for discussion. After taking the opinion of the college into account, the voting members of forum then determine what policies the college will follow.

Additional Information

You can learn more about specific parts of our student government, find official documents, and give your feedback to the Duncan government at: