Duncan College


What are committees, what do they do, and how are they structured?

Committees are groups of students who work together to carry out a government function.  Each committee has one to three head(s) who direct the committee's activities. The committee head(s) are also responsible for reporting their activities to the executive committee, coordinating with other committees, offering service points, and submitting requests for funding. Our government structure allows the committee heads a great deal of flexibility in order to ensure that each committee operates as efficiently as possible. Executive committee members can vote to remove or create committees (temporarily or permanently) as deemed necessary.

Each Duncan committee has a unique focus and all of them do great things that benefit the college! These things include planning events, making purchases, encouraging involvement with the community, creating merchandise, and maintaining the website. Collectively, committees account for most official Duncan events and utilize a large portion of the college budget.

If you wish to become involved with a committee, applications to head a committee are sent out in the second half of the spring semester. Applications to join committees are sent a few weeks later and again in the first several weeks of the fall semester so that New Students have an opportunity to participate. The applications will be sent to your Rice email over the Duncan mailing list.

Each committee is overseen by one of Duncan's two vice presidents: Vera Ranneft ('17) or Isabel Alison ('16).  If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding any Duncan committee, please reach out to the appropriate committee head(s) and/or the vice presidents (vps@duncancollege.net). If you wish to give feedback anonymously, you can use this form.

What are the committees at Duncan?

Duncan has created eleven committees for the 2016 - 2017 school year. They are:

CommitteeHead(s)Overseeing VP

Ryan Pappal ('17)

Trevor Jamison ('18)

Vera Ranneft

Daniel Balkum ('18)
Cassy Gibson ('17)
Erika Schumacher ('19)

Isabel Alison
Beer Bike

Damon Demar ('18)

Mehek Gagneja ('17)

Emily Jacobson ('17)

Logan Baldridge ('19)

Vera Ranneft
Culture & Arts

Ariyaneh Nikbin ('17)
Craig Joiner ('18)

Isabel Alison

Ethan Jahn ('17)
Mike Hua ('18)

Vera Ranneft

Darren Corprew ('18)
Maggie Emerson ('19)
Jordan Bulanda ('18)

Isabel Alison


Vera Ranneft

Jamie Hall ('18)

Kevin Chen ('17)

Isabel Alison

Jacob Behling ('18)
Rebecca Lee ('19)
Aniket Tolpadi ('18)

Isabel Alison

Colin Feng ('18)
Claire Casey ('19)

Sunny Liu ('19)

Vera Ranneft