Duncan College

Improvements Committee


The official email address for the Duncan Improvements Committee is duncanimprovements@gmail.com.  Feel free to email us with any questions, concerns, ideas, or requests.

The 2016-17 Committee Heads:

Ethan John- ewj2@rice.edu

Mike Hua- mh44@rice.edu

As the newest college, Duncan is something of a blank slate. The Improvements Committee receives funds from both the college and from Housing and Dining to furnish and decorate our building and the outdoor space we hang out in. 
In past years Improvements has been responsible for furnishing the first floor rooms (the Game Room and Green Classroom) as well as painting the walls with a Rice mural. The other public areas we work with are the Sundeck, Quad, and Study Rooms and Kitchens on every floor.
If you're living in Duncan, what we do will affect you every day, so please, email us with suggestions! We want to know what Duncaroos want their building to look like, and we will be working every day to make Duncan look and feel like home.
P.S. Please use our committee email and not our personal emails for your suggestions.