Duncan College

Merchandise Committee

Welcome to Duncan's Merch Committee!


The 2016-17 Committee Heads:

Jordan Bulanda- jmb21@rice.edu

Darren Corprew- dec8@rice.edu 

Maggie Emerson- mbe4@rice.edu


The Duncan Merchandise Committee is the college’s newest committee.  Formerly part of Duncan Spirit, our budding committee is responsible for creating various Duncan-specific merchandise (from ¾ zip-ups to custom scarves) for purchase.  We let the Duncaroos decide what they want the next item to be and then see it through from basic product design to distribution throughout the college. 

Although the history of DuncMerch largely consists of standard apparel, we hope release a few more unique items and some seriously sleek swag that is sure to sweep the socks off of any and all passersby.  Our main goal is to equip you with the necessary means to spread DuncLove about the campus just as creamy, freshly-churned butter inundates the pores of a slice of a just-baked, rustic, French baguette.


You can contact the committee by sending an email to duncanmerchandise@gmail.com.  You can also contact the committee heads individually.  Please feel free to inundate our inbox with any and all suggestions!