Duncan College


What are representatives and how are they chosen?

Representatives are students who are chosen to represent our college (or a section of our college) to various organizations at Rice. Representatives are chosen every spring. Election information will be sent to your Rice email address through the Duncan mailing list.

Class Representatives
These students have been chosen by their classmates (by popular vote) to represent their interests to the Duncan forum.
Senior Class Representatives

Colin Feng                      ccf7@rice.edu

Jeremy Reiskind            jdr5@rice.edu

Junior Class Representatives

Darren Corprew   

Rachel Zahn       



Sophomore Class Representatives

Jaewoo Park                   jp54@rice.edu

Megan Gordon              meg14@rice.edu

Freshman Class Representatives


Freshman Class Representatives will be elected the first two weeks of the fall semester following O-Week. 

Elected Representatives
These students have been chosen to represent the entire college (by popular vote) to non-Duncan organizations at Rice.
Student Association Senator


Jessica Hartz   sasenator@duncancollege.net

University Court Representative

Noah Reich     nmr3@rice.edu

Honor Council Representative

Kevin Zhang   ksz3@rice.edu 

Additional Representatives and Positions

These students have been elected (by popular vote) or appointed by executive forum to represent Duncan's interests to other organizations at Rice.


Alumni Rep




Campanile Rep


Matt Cruz 

Ali Pineiro 



Eco Rep



Laundry Rep. 




Food Rep








Homecoming Rep



Passport to Houston Rep



Rice Program Council (RPC) Rep


Claire Caseyclc9@rice.edu

Rice Student Volunteer Program (RSVP)


Sports Reps



Technical Director

Second Technical Director 


Chris Brown   

Mike Hua