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Content Managment Policy

All content on the website is managed using a powerful content management system that enables authorized users to make modifications to individual pages directly. The content management system allows you to upload and distribute files and images that are smaller than 50 MB in size. You can preview the editing process here (any changes and uploaded files are discarded in the demo).

When uploading files to the website, do not upload copyrighted content or files intended for personal use. Please delete files that are no longer needed to reduce the amount of disk space consumed by the website.

Accounts are granted for the exclusive use of a single student and must not be shared. All modifications to the website are logged and you will be held accountable for any actions taken by your account.

All committee heads and members of executive forum have been granted access to edit the website. They are expected only to modify content on pages relevent to their committee or position, and they are responsible for keeping their own content up to date.

If you are a committee head or member of executive forum and wish to make changes outside of your zone of responsibility, you should contact the webmaster for confirmation before making those changes. 

If you are a member of a committee and you wish to make modifications relevant to that committee, you should ask your committee heads to make the changes for you. Alternatively, you can request access as outlined in the paragraph below. 

Any member of Duncan who wishes to make specific modifications to the website can contact the webmaster(s) and request access to edit the website. Access will not be granted to students outside of Duncan, alumni, or staff members not affiliated with Duncan College. Any such requests will be granted or denied at the disgression of the webmaster(s). The webmaster(s) may mandate forum approvial for significant or controversial changes. If your request is granted, you will be expected only to perform the specific modifications indicated in your request. Access will be revoked once you have completed the modifications. If you abuse your privilege to edit the website, the college master will be informed and responsible for determining the appropriate course of action.

The Webmaster Role

The webmaster(s) are responsible for many technical aspects of the website including:

  • Managing the provided budget and tracking expenditures
  • Managing private SSL encryption keys and renewing SSL certificates (annually)
  • Renewing the domain name (bi-annually)
  • Keeping the website online (mostly by paying hosting bills)
  • Keeping regular backups of the website's content
  • Managing access to email addresses and documents on the @duncancollege.net domain
  • Managing users' ability to modify the website's content
  • Overseeing content modifications and enforcing the Content Management Policy (defined above)
  • Coordinating with other parts of the student government to determine what content should be included
  • Training an assistant webmaster to replace yourself upon graduation
  • (Possibly) making modifications to the website's source code and adding new features

Clarification: The duties of the webmaster(s) do not include making modifications to the website on behalf of other members of the college (see the Content Management Policy above).


The position of webmaster requires a lot of technical knowledge. The webmaster(s) must have the knowledge and skills required to keep the website online and operational. At minimum, this includes the ability to carry out all of the above duties except the ability to modify the website source code.

The position of webmaster has no term limit and may be held by up to two individuals at a time. Vacancies are filled by Executive Forum. Executive Forum is responsible for determining and executing a fair process to fill the vacancy. When appointing a webmaster, executive forum will take all possible measures to ensure that the chosen applicant is capable of carrying out the required duties. This may mean giving priority to applicants who have previously held the position of webmaster or assistant webmaster. When possible, Executive Forum should consult with the previous webmaster(s) before making a final decision.

The assistant webmaster(s) assist with the responsibilities of the webmaster and are in training to replace a webmaster after he or she graduates. The assistant webmaster requirements are:

  • Must graduate at least one year after the webmaster
  • Must be willing to devote the time required to learn how to carry out the webmaster's duties
  • Must have a reasonable chance of learning the required knowledge to become webmaster

Assistant webmasters are appointed by a current webmaster and must be chosen through some fair process that involves collaboration with Executive Forum. The assistant webmaster position need not always be filled, but should always be filled when all of the current webmasters are graduating. 


If you have any questions about the website, you should contact the webmaster directly.


Lance LaMotte
Jan Li

N/AAssistant WebmasterN/A
Duncan Email Addresses

Students with a legitimate need for a Duncan College email address (@duncancollege.net) may email the webmaster and request one. Examples of legitimate need include carrying out the duties of your government position (executives, representatives, committee heads, etc.) or managing communication while planning a Duncan-hosted event (e.g. yourevent@duncancollege.net). Be sure to include the address you want in your request and the reason you need it. Requests are granted at the disgression of the webmaster (who may mandate your request be approved by Forum). 

Once you are granted an email address, you can access it by logging in to Google Mail with the username and password you have been provided by the webmaster. You should be prompted to change your password on your first log in to guarantee the privacy of your account. If you forget your password at any point, you can contact the webmaster and request a password reset. Your email account also includes access to various other Google products, including Presentations, Spreadsheets, and Docs. You should keep your password secret, sharing it only with others who hold the same position as you.

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