Duncan College

O-Week 2013 - Somewhere Over The Rainbo-week

What is O-Week?

Your friends at other colleges and universities may know orientation as the hour they spend picking up their room key and information packet, but that's not how we operate here at Rice. O-Week is a full week that acclimates you to Rice's social and academic life, our traditions and expectations, as well as to Houston and Texas in general. Your advisors will be here throughout O-Week to guide you through the transition, help you register for classes and be a resource for you throughout the week and the rest of your time at Rice. In addition to Rice you will be introduced to the residential college system. The best way to explain is that it's like Hogwarts Houses, but instead of the house cup or quidditch we have IM sports and Beer Bike. And there's no Sorting Hat, you were randomly put in your college, so Congratulations! You won the lottery and were selected to be in Duncan. You'll learn during O-Week why Duncan is the greatest college, but it has a lot to do with our people, traditions, DuncTank and Sundeck.

Although O-Week is mainly about welcoming you to Rice, every college's O-Week is different. Our theme this year is Somewhere Over the RainbO-Week, some other themes include Oh The Places You'll GO-Week and RodeO-Week (not as cool). You'll spend the week wearing Duncan green, and you can recognize other colleges by the shirts they wear. We can't wait to meet you and make your transition to Rice the best week of your life!

Why Somewhere Over the RainbO-Week?

We, the coordinators, spent a long time thinking about why we think O-Week is important and what we think should come from it. In that process, we came up with a vision that can be applied to the Duncan community as a whole. It is our main goal to make the new students feel like Duncan, and Rice University, are a home for them. We want to continue to build a place that has a solid sense of community at it's core.

With that in mind, we came to a decision to embark on an adventure down the yellow brick road together, with the O-Week team and the new students. They will undergo turmoil and adversity (and maybe a flying monkey or two). They will overcome the odds and reach the Emerald Palace and come out of the adventure as a unified front; with a brain, a heart and courage. They will come to the realization, too, that they aren't in Kansas anymore, but in an even greater sense they will see that there is no place like home. And the home, they will come to see, is Duncan College.