Duncan College

O-Week 2014: LegO-Week


Welcome to LegO-Week!


We are so excited to welcome you as an official member of Duncan College! Duncan College is the newest of Rice's eleven residential colleges and will be your home during your time at Rice. We couldn't be happier that you are joining the Duncan family, you are now officially a Duncaroo.

Duncan's motto is "Somos equipos, somos familia" (SESF), which means "We are a team, we are a family" in Spanish. SESF embodies our Duncan spirit where we work together, live together, and learn to support each other in our efforts as both undergraduate students and as people.

As your Orientation Week (O-Week) Coordinators, we are planning and organizing your academic and social transition to Rice in August! Prepare yourself for the flood of information, resources, and welcomes you'll be receiving soon. Across campus, 1,000 other new students are receiving emails, letters, and mail packets (keep an eye out!) just like this one, and we can tell you that your class is going to be incredible. We can't tell you move-in or roommate details yet, but you'll get those in the upcoming weeks.

As Duncan's O-Week Coordinators, it is also our job to answer any and all of your and/or your family's questions, concerns, thoughts. We would love to talk with you and/or your family to answer any questions or concerns you may have about Duncan, Rice, academics, undergraduate life, Houston, Texas, and the United States! Josiah is also able to answer any concerns you have regarding the World Cup or Arsenal and the Premier League.

Please don't hesitate to contact us (see our contact information below) and make sure to join the Facebook group; we can't wait to see you on Sunday, August 17 at your designated move-in time!


Duncan College O-Week Coordinators | 2014