Duncan College

Lego-Week Coordinators

O-Week Coordinators are current undergraduates and members of Duncan College selected in a team of three to plan, organize, and execute your O-Week- and first-year welcome to Rice University! We're proud to introduce ourselves: Natalie Gow (2016), Josiah Grace (2016), and Zelia Rosenzweig (2015). Read more about us below!

O-Week Coordinators are also rumored to drink a lot of Dr. Pepper and be very enthusiastic.

Josiah Grace

[Class of 2016 from Albuquerque, New Mexico, majoring in Computer Science and Statistics]

Infamous for wearing his favorite Arsenal jersey in both his O-Week photo and on his move-in day, Josiah has spent the last two years of college making sure that everyone knows he’s normal. This Computer Science and Statistics double major has mostly accomplished that, thanks to his Costco-sized supply of spicy Shin ramen and his passion for bad puns. Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Josiah will be happy to discuss the accuracy of Breaking Bad with you, at least until you’re interrupted by his first true love of soccer. Josiah spends most of his free time making sure he knows everything there is to know about Spotify, reading quality books of all kinds, and avoiding doing laundry and/or cleaning his room. Outside the real coursework for his majors, Josiah is trying to convince Rice to create a minor in exploring Houston cuisine and avoiding taking pictures, because by now he could be a professor in both those subjects. As a coordinator, Josiah is spreading the word that breakfast tacos are just unfolded burritos, eating lots of pho, and is most excited for hanging out with new students at O-Week.


Natalie Gow

[Class of 2016 from Dallas, Texas, majoring in Cognitive Science and Philosophy]

Most commonly known by her very straightforward nickname Nat Gow, Natalie is a Texas native who spends most of her time studying and hanging out in the Duncan Commons. When she isn’t in the commons, Natalie is either serving coffee at Rice’s Coffeehouse, or is spending time in the Rec’s weightlifting room trying to get big for the Rice Women’s Rugby Team. In addition to being caffeinated and swole, Natalie enjoys playing guitar, drinking limeades, and dancing. As a Philosophy and Cognitive Science double major, Natalie will be happy to discuss deep moral or social issues with you at the dinner table, and then show you how to get low on the same table right after. As a coordinator, Natalie is baking to stay on Zelia and Josiah’s good side, planning O-Week events way in advance, and is most excited for seeing the new students build friendships with upper classmen after O-Week!


Zelia Rosenzweig

[Class of 2015 from the San Francisco Bay Area, California, majoring in Psychology and Political Science]

This self-proclaimed #riceceleb can’t believe she’s going to be a senior, and hopes that she might finally be intimidating enough to ditch her nickname ‘Swag,’ which is based on a mispronunciation of her last name. When Zelia’s not busy incepting you with her Psychology skills, she enjoys listening to "This American Life," keeping up with the NYTimes, and putting her Political Science major to good use. You should probably get on her good side, because one day Zelia IS going to rule this country (and the world?!), but as a NorCal native this would probably just mean more In-n-Out and plenty of #hashtags. This little ninja is fluent in Spanish and sarcasm and is in love with the show Hawaii Five-0. As a coordinator, Zelia is making people re-do candid moments so she can film them, drinking lots of tea, and is most excited for the moment when new students finally feel comfortable enough to steal snacks from West Servery, and/or when they figure out how cool #SESF really is.