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LegO-Week Groups

An O-Week group is a group of three or four upperclassmen (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) who were selected by the Coordinators to guide you through O-Week and to help you throughout the year. You’ll have two or three advisors from Duncan, one co-advisor from another college, and possibly one Peer Academic Advisor (PAA) or Diveristy Facilitator too! We’ll call them all advisors to make things easier. What your advisors can do for you:

  • Give you a tour of campus
  • Help you pick your classes
  • Introduce you to their friends
  • Eat servery meals with you when you forget everyone’s name
  • Give you great advice
  • Generally make your first year easier!
1 Brick 2 Brick Red Brick Blue Brick
Advisors: Jeremy Reiskind (2017), Saniya Mittal (2017), and Melissa Yuan (2015)
All LEGOld Everything
Advisors: Cassy Gibson (2017), AD Ordonez (2016), David Daniels (2017), & Chelsea Ward (2016)
The Block-Eyed Peas
Advisors: Erin Rieger (2016), Sanjay Gadasalli (2015), Kyle Hiller (2017), & Janet Ni (2017)
Brick Squad
Advisors: Kiara Aguirre (2015), Allison Shields (2015), Austin Hughes (2016), & Lauren Howe-Kerr (2017)
Dolla Dolla Build Y'all
Advisors: Christopher Buck (2015), Edna Otuomagie (2017), Sydney Vigran (2017), & Adam McMullen (2015)
Lego My Eggo!
Advisors: Michael Donatti (2016), Victoria Mota (2017), & Yash Tarkunde (2017)
Make It or Brick It
Advisors: Avanthi Ajjarapu (2015), Kate Kelly (2015), Aneesh Sampath (2015), & Scooter Schmidt (2017) 
Advisors: Lauren Yates (2016), Kira Clingen (2016), Josh Thomas (2017), and Bailey Flynn (2015, not pictured)
New Kids on the Block
Advisors: Demetrie Luke (2016), Crystal Lin (2017), Nkechi Nwabueze (2016), Eric Estill (2017)
The Plastics
Advisors: Preeti Prakash (2015), Colin Shaw (2016), & Alan Liang (2017)
Advisors: Chinonso Ukeje (2017), Alex Brown (2016), & Peter Lambert (2016)
Sherblock Holmes
Advisors: Kevin Chen (2017), Carissa Livingston (2015), Shelbi Ragsdale (2016), Catherine Chantre (2016)

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