Duncan College

O-Week 2015

Around The World in 8O-Week

Welcome to Duncan O-Week 2015 a.k.a. "Around the World in 8O-Week!" Our mission for Around the World in 8O-Week is to facilitate opportunities for every new student to build meaningful relationships and feel included in both the Duncan and Rice communities. We will achieve this mission by encouraging interactions between new students, current students, and the A-Team, and by educating new students about the opportunities and resources available at Duncan and campus wide. This week will be dedicated encouraging all incoming students to feel welcomed to Duncan's inclusive community through the celebration of each individual new student and the many unique things they bring to our community upon arrival. Our theme was based off this concept of universality; no matter who you are or where you've come from, as humans, we all carry with us this shared experience of calling this planet our home. Like so, once each new student arrives at Duncan, they will all carry the shared experience of calling Duncan College their new home. Through this experience, new students will be given the opportunity to share their ideas, collaborate, offer new perspectives, and coexist with a variety of different people from a variety of different backgrounds. Duncan College is simply a microcosm of what is to be expected when you come to Rice University. Lucky for all of our new Duncaroos, Duncan College - the BEST college - gets to become their new home away from home. We're so excited to welcome these new additions to our family! See you in August 2015! #SomosEquiposSomosFamilia #SESF 

Meet Your O-Week Coordinators!
Scooter Schmidt '17
Nicole Roberson '16
Ashley Buchanan '16
Meet Your Advising Team!
Abril Brugo
Alexa Rangel
Amber Tong
Blair Boone
Bradley Hamilton
Bhagwanth Despande
Chris Brehm
Colin Feng
Corin Peterson
Damon Demar
Marjada Tucker
David Doucet
Eric Eschenbrenner
Fernando Lejarza
Ian Chiang
Gabrielle Fatora
Isaac Schultz
Isabel Alison
Jacob Behling
Jordan Bulanda
Josiah Grace
Lisa Sampson
Mashfee Khan
Marley Foster
Mehek Gagneja
Peter Kulma
Peter Lambert
Shruthi Velidi
Vera Ranneft
Wendy Wu
Victoria Johnson
Yoseph Lee
Abigail Rogers
Tess Weiner
Jeremy Reiskind
Salem Hagdu
Kevin Doan
Drew Petty
Rachel Zahn
Sergio Santamaria
Evangeline Liu
Massey Branscomb
Miranda Proctor
Victoria Tobin
Take A Tour of Rice University

Follow our advisors as they take you on a virtual tour of Rice's campus, highlighting: North Colleges, South Colleges, Fondren, Popular Freshmen Lecture Classrooms, Athletic Buildings, and Rice Village!

Take A Tour of Duncan College

Follow our advisors as they take you on a virtual tour of Duncan College, highlighting: dorm rooms, the Quad, the "Green Room", the computer lab, the kitchens, the study rooms, the Sundeck, and MORE! 


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