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O-Week 2016: GLO-Week


Welcome to GLO-Week!



Hey New Students!


For those of you who have not figured it out already, our names are Bradley Hamilton, Crystal Lin, and Jeremy Reiskind (#BCJ), and we are the Duncan O(rientation)-Week Coordinators this year. Many of you are probably wondering "what does it mean to be an O-Week Coordinator?" Each of the 11 residential colleges has an amazing team of three O-Week Coordinators who are responsible for planning the week that you will spend on campus prior to the start of classes to get to know other students within your class as well as upperclassmen who you will come to know as your Advisors. Over the course of O-Week, you will have the opportunity to build bonds and relationships with other matriculating Duncaroos (members of the Duncan community) since our mascot is the kangaroo), develop the foundations of your college support system through your O-Week groups and Advisors, explore the vast amount of academic opportunities available to you on Rice's campus, develop your fall semester class schedule, and learn about the culture of not only the great school that is Rice University, but the incredible residential college that you will call home for your time at Rice. Each O-Week, the Coordinators select a theme that resonates with their collective mission and vision for the week. You will come to see in the Information page that our theme for this year is GLO-Week: Time to Shine. GLO-Week is meant to show that there is a place for every one of you to shine in your individuality within the Duncan and Rice Community. College will be an adventure, and we hope to set you up for success to shine in every step you take. 

Your Advisors, as well as the Coordinators, will be there every step of the way to help you in this adventure. Each New Student will be placed in an O-Week group with 9 to 11 other students and four Advisors. Advisors will be your main source of contact and first physical introduction to Duncan on August 14th when you arrive on campus. Throughout the week, your Advisors will be there to provide whatever support you need to make a smooth transition into this new environment. 

This role will extend well past O-Week into your Freshman year, and in many cases, continue through the remainder of your college career. Your Advisors were handpicked for this purpose, and we wholeheartedly believe they will put their best foot forward to make a positive impact on your college experience. I guess what we are trying to say is that, while you may not know very many people matriculating into Rice with you, you are never alone. From this point forward, you have a team of 33 Coordinators, 48 Advisors, and an A(dult)-Team made up of nine adults and four kids wishing you all the success in the world as you start your college journey. 

With all of this, we simply want to say welcome. This may be the first time you hear this, but it will most certainly not be the last, so thank you. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of being the first to say to you: Welcome to Rice. Welcome to Duncan. Welcome Home. 



Bradley, Crystal, Jeremy

Duncan College O-Week Coordinators | 2016


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