Duncan College

GLO-Week Coordinators

O-Week Coordinators are current undergraduates and members of Duncan College selected in a team of three to plan, organize, and execute your O-Week- and first-year welcome to Rice University! We're proud to introduce ourselves: Bradley Hamilton (2018), Crystal Lin (2017), and Jeremy Reiskind (2017). Read more about us below!
Bradley Hamilton

[Class of 2016 from Plano, Texas majoring in Mathematical Economic Analysis and Energy Policy Studies]

Who is this handsome devil you see all around campus? Why it’s your O-Week Coordinator! When he isn’t getting down on the dance floor to the latest Beyoncé hit (yes, he does know all of the words and moves), Bradley can be seen in business formal attire, busy directing the Gateway Study of Leadership program. Blink again, and he is back across campus in shorts and a t-shirt, coordinating the Young Owls Leadership Program to mentor high school students. While we are still not sure how he manages it, you can also expect to see him on every adventure and at every dance party. On top of being connected all across campus, Bradley always makes time for his friends, and you can now consider yourself one of them. This sassy Coordinator is here for you through thick and thin, whether you need an ear or you want to find the fun.

Crystal Lin

[Class of 2017 from Houston, Texas majoring in Bioengineering]

I know what you’re thinking: “does she shine?” The answer in this case, is yes. For those of you on your way to a STEM career, you may see her as the shining TA that helps answer all your General Chemistry questions. Others might see her lighting up the already shining commons with hugs, smiles, and a general optimism for life! If there is one thing that you can come to Duncan sure of, it is that this Coordinator will be there to light every step of the way through your Freshman year. Yes, that may come in the form of a Gen Chem TA, and, yes, that may come in the form of the exuberant student in the commons, but, most importantly she will be the ear when you feel like you have no voice, the chalkboard when you feel like you have no thoughts, the crystal when you feel like there is no light.

Jeremy Reiskind

[Class of 2017 from Saint Petersburg, Florida majoring in Sports Management with minors in Business and Jewish Studies]

Duncan Wins! Duncan Wins! Why you ask? Because we have this incredible Senior Superstar as a Coordinator! When Jeremy is not devotedly walking to different sports events to show the support of Rally Club, the sports organization of which he is president, you may find him at a Hillel luncheon or picnic. Needless to say, Jeremy has a variety of interests, resonant of the Rice Spirit. What you may not know, is the only thing that Jeremy loves more than sports is a fierce competition. It is an uncontested fact that once he cares about something he cares forever, including you. If you ever need anything, not only do you have caring Advisors, but one of the most caring human beings on this planet as a Coordinator: don’t feel lucky, feel loved.