Duncan College

GLO-Week Groups

An O-Week group is a group of four upperclassmen (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) who were selected by the Coordinators to guide you through O-Week and to help you throughout the year. You’ll have two or three Advisors from Duncan, one Co-Advisor from another college, and possibly one Peer Academic Advisor (PAA) or Diversity Facilitator too! We’ll call them all Advisors to make things easier. What your Advisors can do for you:

  • Give you a tour of campus
  • Help you pick your classes
  • Introduce you to their friends
  • Eat servery meals with you when you forget everyone’s name
  • Give you great advice
  • Generally make your first year easier!


All Glo'd Everything
Advisors: Mike Hua (2018), Zoe Parker (2019), Sarah Seimann (2017), Andrew Karlson (2019)
Double GLO-7
Advisors: Kevin Zhang (2019), Yoseph Lee (2018), Sophie D'Amico (2019), Luis Pacheco (2019)
Gloden State Warriors
Advisors: Andre Liu (2017), Sierra Cowan (2018), Horatia Fang (2019), Coby Kaskel (2018)
Advisors: Lindsey Hodge (2018), Noah Reich (2019), Vinh Tran (2017), Raena Panicker (2017)
Life of Pab-glo
Advisors: Stephanie Brenner (2017), Cole Crawford (2019), Ramee Saleh (2019), Mackenzie Parker (2019)
Oh the Places You'll Glow
Advisors: Alvaro Castillo (2019), Jordan Bulanda (2018), Steve Booker (2018), Manlin Yao (2018)
Runnin Thru the 6 With My Glos
Advisors: Will Bower (2018), Rebecca Lee (2019), Claudia Xian (2019), Bridget Youngs (2018)
To Infinity and Neon
Advisors: Darren Corprew (2018), Lucy Fox (2019), Javier Lehtinen (2019), Ericka Schumacher (2019)
Ultralight Team
Advisors: Chinonso Ukeje (2017), Alberto Maldonado (2018), Alexa Rangel (2017), Anthony Charletta (2019)
Wingardium Leviglosa
Advisors: Edward Gao (2018), Sunny Liu (2019), Iris Gau (2019), Avery Zaleski (2017)