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More on O-Week

What is O-Week?
O-Week is your one-of-a kind, week-long welcome to all things Rice University and Duncan College that gives you an academic and social foundation for both your first year and the rest of your time at Rice!
O-Week, designed to be 50% academic integration and 50% social integration, includes a wide range of events and activities that many alumni cite as a week of learning and introductions. This transitional, slightly summer-campy week is packed with everything from first-day move-in to class registration, icebreakers, late-night food, and (slightly) ridiculous traditions.
Because Rice is no ordinary university, getting an introduction to all the quirks and institutional secrets takes a full week! Though O-Week might not be representative of the rest of the year, it sets the tone for your college experience, and between petting zoos and academic planning, you'll get a sense of Rice culture and community. It'll be your first chance to settle into your new home here on campus. 
Throughout the week, you'll meet not only hundreds of other New Students, but also returning undergraduates, faculty, and staff who will be resources to you for your entire career at Rice. You might be surprised to learn there is a support system army awaiting you at Rice: The first ones you'll meet will be your O-Week group, including its Advisors and Co-Advisors, but afterwards you'll meet us (the Coordinators!), the Masters, Resident Associates and Fellows, College Coordinator, and Duncan Associates. O-Week will be when you may begin to believe in SESF (Duncan's motto: Somos equipo, somos familia) and its importance to our college: that we work together, live together, and learn to support each other in our efforts as both undergraduate students and as people. 
This may sound like a lot, but we will ensure that you get time to settle in. O-Week makes the goodbyes and your beginnings at Rice and Duncan that much easier. 
Why GLO-Week?
One of the greatest aspects of Rice is the diversity of the student population seen all across campus. This is seen in not only physical diversity, but also in backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and interactions with the communities that our students come from. Because of this, matriculating into O-Week can be a social shocker for students as they attempt to find where they belong, while remaining true to the values and beliefs that matriculated with them on the first day. As a coordinating team, we have all been through this search for ourselves, and we want you to know that there is a place for you. While you may not find this exact place in the one week we call O-Week, we hope you feel like you can shine in your individuality. Your individuality and uniqueness are what make you special. These characteristics are also exactly what make you a valued member of the Duncan Community. You will soon find that the Duncan Community is an accepting community, a community for everyone. As soon as you were placed into Duncan, you were accepted into the Duncan Glow, the Duncan community. This glow is something that is never turned off, something that will continue to shine no matter how far you may end up away from Duncan. It will shine in times of triumph, it will shine in times of failure, in times of happiness, in times of sadness, because this is your new home. No matter how far you move from home, a family will always think of you and keep you in their heart. 
Welcome to Rice! Welcome to Duncan! Welcome Home!