Duncan College

Peer Academic Advisors

O-Week PAA's

O-Week PAA’s are on hand during all of O-Week to talk to and to help incoming students find a schedule. They facilitate all O-Week academic events and help with any academic questions regarding registration and your first year at Rice. They serve as a liaison between incoming students, the Office of Academic Advising, the divisional advisors, etc., and introduce incoming students to the various academic advising resources on campus.

Year-long PAA's

Year-long PAA’s are on hand throughout the school year and have been broadly trained in numerous areas of academics here at Rice. Generally speaking, the Duncan PAA team coordinates numerous group and individual activities to strengthen academic vitality. Some common things that they help with include questions about general graduation requirements, specific classes, research opportunities, studying abroad, professional school requirements, and really any topic as it relates to academics. Even if a particular PAA cannot answer each and every detailed question, they can at least serve as a helpful resource to point students in the right direction of someone else that can. We believe that academics, learning, and especially advising are all ongoing dynamic conversations that involve multiple perspectives and not just a prescription for registrations, so never stop asking questions!

Current PAA's
Last NameFirst NameMajor(s)Email
 AlisonIsabelChemical and Biomolecular Engineeringiga1
 BoddMonicaAnthropology, Global Health Technologiesmhb5

Civil & Environmental Engineering, Rice Center for 

Engineering  Leadership Certificate

CorprewDarrenChemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Pre-Businessdec8
CrawfordColeMechanical Engineering, Business Minorctc5

Earth Science, Energy & Water Sustainability Minor

HamiltonBradleyMathematical Economic Analysis, Energy Policy Studiesbgh3

Biochemistry & Cell Biology, Business Minor, Pre-Health, Pre-Grad

Kaskel*JacobBiochemistry & Cell Biology, Pre-Medjik1
LeeYoseph Psychology, Neuroscience minor, Pre-Graduateyl97
LiuAndre History, Economics, Business minorall8
LiuEvangelineComputer Scienceel19
NguyenChristopherBiochemistry & Cell Biology, Neuroscience minor, Pre-Medcnn1
ParkerMackenzieChemistry, Neuroscience minor, Pre-Medmnp6

 English, Cognitive Sciences, Policy Studies, Pre-Graduate

ShawAaron Computer Science, Cognitive Sciencesaws6
TangPeter Bioengineering, Pre-Graudatezt8
TolpadiAniket Bioengineering, Neuroscience minor, Pre-Medaat7
Ukeje*Chinonso Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Pre-Medcmu1

Cognitive Sciences, Business minor, Statistics minor, Pre-Law,


Vigran**SydneyPolitical Science, History, Pre-Lawsjv1
WangCassieComputer Science, Global Health Technologiescqw1
WuRockyComputer Sciencelw31
YaoManlinCognitive Sciences; Poverty, Justice, & Human Capabilities, Pre-Medmy18
ZhaoAmandaCognitive Science, Pre-Medaz15
ZhangKevinChemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Business minor, Pre-Businessksz3

* Denotes Head PAA.

** Denotes Student Director PAA.